“Spring Break!” Public Photo Hunt: Clues 22-26

“Spring Break!” Public Photo Hunt: Clues 22-26

Vacations are nice, aren’t they? You know what’s not nice? Coming back from vacations. There’s always so much to do. Gotta get ready for the upcoming week, though. At least you’ll always have the memories…

Remember, this week, all clues will be worth 20 points. If a photo submission doesn’t match it’s clue, it will be rejected and you will have another chance to submit. Bonus points may be applied at a maximum of 5 (i.e. you have the opportunity to receive 1-5 extra points per submission).

This is the last set of clues for the week. Have fun!

Back from Trip:

  1. Laundry – Mo’ loads, mo’ points. Not really more points.
  2. Full Email Inbox! – No you get to uncheck that “Out of Office” checkbox and read through all those emails about meetings.
  3. Backpack/Briefcase – Have to get ready to go back to school/work.
  4. Grocery Shopping/Empty Fridge – Need food for the week. Make sure you shop with an empty stomach. You’ll buy lots of stuff you don’t really need.
  5. Picture from your Great Vacation – Hope you had a great time and get to annoy all your Facebook friends with your albums that they “MUST” see.