TCEA 2016 Wrap Up

TCEA 2016 Wrap Up

Well it’s been nearly a week since Eventzee staff members Cody and Dylan returned from Austin, TX while attending the TCEA 2016 Convention and Expo, and we’ve been hitting the ground running. We had a great turnout for our photo scavenger hunts and everyone seemed to have a ton of fun.

From chasing down people in unique hats, to spelling out TCEA with their bodies, we kept the players moving and adventuring through the conference halls. Thank you to all who played and thank you to all the vendors who participated as stops in our scavenger hunt.

bodylanguageCheck out the galleries from Day 1 and Day 2 of the photo scavenger hunts!

From a business perspective, the event was a home run. We met so many passionate educators who had all sorts of ideas on how to use Eventzee in the classroom. Like we told many of you, many times, at the end of the day the Eventzee staff are not educators, so the success of our product has to come from those who work with students every day. From language teachers using scavenger hunts for live action vocabulary training to chemistry classes using it to train on lab equipment, Eventzee EDU’s customizability makes it perfect for any situation.

A HUGE thank you is in order for everyone involved in making TCEA a success, but especially to Michelle Phillips and Carl Hooker.

Michelle, the Instructional Technology Specialist for Prosper ISD, was the first person to suggest we use Eventzee as an educational tool and she has been working with us since then to develop a safe, fun product that’s easy to use within the classroom. Michelle and Prosper ISD have played an active role in testing Eventzee EDU and we’re excited to continue to move forward with them. Congrats to Michelle for also being nominated as ITS of The Year at TCEA 16’s Educator Awards! Follow Michelle on her website EdTech In Action– you won’t regret it!

Carl is the Director of Innovation & Digital Learning in the Eanes Independent School District and the founder of the learning festival ipadpalooza. Carl was actually one of the first clients Eventzee connected with and he has been a huge proponent for our product at his ipadpalooza events worldwide. An educator himself, Carl is constantly pushing for a strong educational shift with technology integration. You should also follow his blog “HookeED on Innovation” to learn more!

Once again, we had a great time at #TCEA16 but we have a lot of work ahead of us. If you’re interested in bringing mobile scavenger hunts into your classroom, contact us today!

Didn’t catch us at booth #224? Well that’s OK. Check out blogger Tim Holt’s interview he did at our booth with Eventzee Director of Operations, Dylan Derryberry.