Weekly Photo Galleries Now Available

Weekly Photo Galleries Now Available

We’re proud to announce that you will now be able to view submissions from the weekly free Eventzee photo hunts in our new public galleries! Each week our admins will add photo submissions to daily galleries, which you can view at any time, then each Monday we will post a combined gallery of the week’s submissions. As always, these are subjective to whoever happens to be the official Eventzee admin at the time, so not all approved photos will make it into the galleries. The focus of these galleries is to highlight the best of what Eventzee has to offer, so even if you are awarded bonus points for creativity it doesn’t mean the photo will make it into the gallery.

We’re excited to be able to offer our players the chance to access their photos and we hope you will use this tool to help grow the game by sharing your Eventzee experiences on social media. Thanks for playing and here’s to even crazier Eventzee experiences in the future!

Visit www.eventzeeapp.com/gallery to look back on past and present photo galleries.

Click here to see last week’s “All You Need Is Love” photo gallery.

Click here to see this week’s “Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler” photo gallery.



Tips for the Hunters

Tips for the Hunters

Scavenger hunts have always been a fun way to interact with others and support camaraderie, but we’ve moved past the limitations of pen and paper. Eventzee takes scavenger hunts to a whole new level by supporting worldwide events and new ways to interact with players. But say you’re just a hunter, a participant in the Eventzee event- what can you do to make the most of your hunt? The hard part has already been done, someone has planned the hunt, but it’s important that those participating in the hunt make it fun for all as well. 

Check the Rules
Most large events will publish a list of rules before the event. CHECK THEM. Know what you can and can’t use. Know how the event is going to work. There’s nothing worse for a participant than having your submissions rejected because you weren’t following the rules. With photo hunts the admin rules all, so if you don’t follow along they’ll make sure you’re far from the top of the leaderboard.

Pick your Partner
If the event you’re attending allows for partners or groups that you can choose yourself, do it. Working in groups can allow for fast and more innovative submissions. Put some extra thought into who you want to work with. This isn’t to say that you should both split up to conquer the clues faster, because the fun in Eventzee is working together and experiencing the clues and activities. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have someone to snap a picture of you. If you forgot your selfie-stick at home, that is.

Prepare for Anything
Large events are usually scheduled for rain or shine circumstances. Don’t get caught in the cold wearing shorts and a t-shirt or caught in the rain with no jacket. Check the weather forecast leading up to the event to make sure you’re prepared. Most hunts will be outside, so be ready for anything.

Be creative!
Sure, you can complete the task the easy way and just do the minimum. That may get you the points, but you probably won’t win that way. Being creative may get you extra points or prizes, and it will definitely be more fun. Remember though, the admin for the event gets to decide what is creative and worth bonus points. So if you know the admin, play to their interests.

Speaking of fun…
Have it! No matter what the event is for, photo scavenger hunts are supposed to be fun! Being too serious or too careless are never good things. Complete the clues as thoroughly as you can, but make it enjoyable.

Hopefully you’ve had a great time participating in an Eventzee Scavenger Hunt, now start your own! If you’re interested in hosting an Eventzee event, sponsoring an official Eventzee photo hunt or just curious about what we can do, check out www.eventzeeapp.com.

Weekly Photo Galleries Now Available

Eventzee Players Donate Money For Heart Disease Awareness

During this week’s “All You Need Is Love” free photo hunt, we included a clue that required our players to donate at least $5 to a heart-based charity of their choice. Our players went above and beyond and donated more $750 to local, national, and international heart-based charities.

We’re extremely proud of our players and their willingness to help others.

Heart Disease Awareness Eventzee Collage

Weekly Photo Galleries Now Available

“All You Need Is Love” Photo Hunt: Clues 31-37

The next seven clues for Eventzee’s “All You Need Is Love” event have been released. 

Remember, anyone can join any day and today is the last day that clues will be released, including more later today.

As you complete tasks, be sure to check out the leaderboard to see where you fall. Prizes will be given out weekly, so stay up on your clue list before the week ends.

This weeks prizes for the top 3 players on the leaderboard are:

  • 1st Place will have $100 USD donated to the American Heart Association in their name and will receive some Valentine’s Day fun money as well
  • 2nd Place will receive an Eventzee/Munzee Prize Pack worth $50 USD
  • 3rd Place will receive an Eventzee/Munzee Prize Pack $25 USD

To learn more about Munzee, our geo-locational QR code game, check out www.munzee.com. 

All You Need Is Love:

 Clues 31-37:

  • Free Hugs: Take a picture giving a stranger a huge while holding a “free hugs” sign
  • In Shape: Find something heart shaped in a store
  • Loving Music: Take a picture of some sort of music packaging with the word “love” or “heart” on the label
  • Heart of the Beach: Take a picture of a heart drawn in the sand on a beach. No beach? Be creative
  • Red Car: Take a picture sitting in a NEW red car. The dealer stickers must be visible in the windows
  • Heart Necklace: Find a necklace with a heart shaped pendant
  • Box of Chocolates: An open, heart shaped box of chocolates with none eaten #HardNot2Eat

Stay on the lookout for more clues later today! A new update is also available for both iOS and Android devices so be sure to make sure you have version 1.01.