Here are the first 10 clues for our weekly public photo hunt. Just RSVP to the “Kick Off Event” on February 2 and start your hunt.  Remember, anyone can join and each day for five days another 10 clues will be released. As you complete tasks be sure to check out the leaderboard to see where you fall. Prizes will be given out weekly, so stay up on your clue list before the week ends.

This week we’re awarding cash prizes for the top 3 players on the leaderboard.

  • 1st Place will receive $100 USD
  • 2nd Place will receive $50 USD
  • 3rd Place will receive $25 USD

The winners will also receive an assortment of virtual products from the Munzee online store. To learn more about Munzee, our geo-locational QR code game, check out 

Week 1:

Clues 1-10:

  1. Tower of Books: Arrange a stack of books from top to bottom with words in the title to say “I love this photo scavenger hunt”.
  2. Black and White: Find a black automobile parked next to a white automobile
  3. Water Bottle Bowling: Setup 10 bottles of water as if they were bowling pins (in correct shape)
  4. Fly your Flag: 3 or more flags on flagpoles next to each other
  5. Fish Eyes: Clear picture of more than 10 fish with #eventzee included in the picture
  6. 2 Bald Men: 2 bald men engaged in conversation
  7. Up in the sky: It’s a bird or a plane
  8. Movie: Go to the local theater/cinema and take a pic of an upcoming movie poster
  9. Good Fortune: Open a fortune cookie and share your good fortune with us. Must show cookie, fortune, and write Eventzee on fortune.
  10. Millennium Coin: Find a coin from the year 2000