UPDATE: We’ve decided to extend the QRantine 2020 Eventzee hunt until 15:00 CST today! Submit all of your photos before the hunt closes to get maximum points. Good luck and thank you all for playing!

Is staying inside making you go QRaZEE??? Well it’s April which means it’s time for fools, so join us in another FREE photo scavenger hunt! This hunt includes 20 clues which can be done anywhere in the world.

Like our other recent photo scavenger hunts, the “QRantine 2020”  hunt is free and can be done from the comfort of your home or in the nearby area! You’ll have until April 16, 2020 at 15:00 MHQ to complete all of the clues.

Use the code “QRAZEE” in the Eventzee app to join in on the fun.

This hunt is also part of Munzee’s “Global QRantine” event, so be sure to click “I’m Going!” on that event as well to earn bonus points and possibly some other surprises!

Per usual, no screenshots will be accepted and your photo will either be approved or denied by our admins. As an added bonus all photos that are approved will also be added to the gallery, so you can work on all of the Eventzee Badges as well.

You’ll also be able to earn the Wacky Warhol badge by having just one photo approved in the hunt.

The “Wacky Warhol” badge will show up in both Eventzee and Munzee profiles!

The more photos you submit, the more badges you’ll earn for a variety of achievements. To see the Eventzee Badge List CLICK HERE.

Clue List: All 20 clues have now been released! 

  1. Clash- Stripes and spots. Plaid and floral. Show us two patterns clashing together.
  2. Finger Painting –This is a fun way to get your hands a little dirty, paint a masterpiece using your fingers for brushes.
  3. Green Thumb –Sometimes we like to bring the outside INSIDE. Take a picture of a house plant. Don’t have one? Feel free to get creative.
  4. Knitted –Take a picture of something that was knitted or crocheted.
  5. Metallic -Silver, gold, bronze, aluminum… foil. Show us something metallic.
  6. Origami –Fold some paper into something creative and impress us with your origami!
  7. Pet Rock –Social distancing can get a little lonely, why not take this opportunity to make a new friend? Find a rock outside and paint it into your own “pet rock”.
  8. Sculptor -Take a picture of something molded out of clay. Don’t have any clay at home? Feel free to get creative! I bet mashed potatoes would be a fun medium.
  9. Sparkle -Take a picture of something that has glitter on it.
  10. Strange Storms –It’s raining cats and dogs! Or is it raining men? Creatively represent something other than water raining from the sky.
  11. Air Guitar – Rock out and play some air guitar!
  12. AM/FM – Take a picture of a radio
  13. Billy IDOL – Upload a picture of your favorite musician.
  14. Cans – Take a picture of a pair of headphones/earphones.
  15. Drum Solo – Pull out the pots and pans and creatively represent playing a drum kit.
  16. Light Show – You can’t have a rock show without some awesome lights. Take a picture of a different color of light.
  17. Opera – Show us your best impersonation of an opera singer.
  18. The King – Show us your best impersonation of Elvis Presley.
  19. Tickle The Ivories – Creatively represent playing the piano.
  20. Well Versed – Write down some lyrics to your favorite song.

Thanks to everyone for joining us for another stint of photo fun!


NOTE: We’re aware of issues for some players joining the hunt. If you’re using an Apple device we suggest logging out and then logging back in. Delete and reinstall the app. Also check your data setting specific to the Eventzee app.

If you’re using an Android device go to Apps, find Eventzee, and then clear cache and data. Then reload and login. You can also check to make sure your permissions are allowing Eventzee to use your phone’s data and camera.

If you are still dealing with issues please please reach out to support@munzee.com with your device model and operating system. Thank you for your patience!