We are proud to announce that a new line of badges have been released based on your completion time of Eventzee scavenger hunts. The Clockstoppers line has been created with the intent of awarding how quickly (or sometimes slowly) it takes you to complete a hunt. While we always encourage creativity, there are many ways to play Eventzee and one of those is fast.



The trick with these badges though is that simply finishing the hunt in one hour will not earn you all three badges. Your submission time for all clues has to be within the correct timeframe for each specific badge. So if you finish a hunt in 2 hour and 30 minutes, you will earn the Alarm Clock, but not the others.

It will take careful planning for these badges, because if even one of your submissions is declined by an approver it could inflate your submission time by the time you resubmit. You can see your current submission time on the event leaderboard. This can be found by going to the specific event’s gallery and clicking the leaderboard link. Remember that your submission time is the amount of time between your first and last submission. In order to earn these badges you will have to COMPLETE ALL CLUES for the hunt in the specified time frame.

These badges can be earned in any Eventzee event including our free weekend photo scavenger hunts, Munzee events, and both photo and QR code hunts. Badges will be awarded 24 hours after the hunt has ended. These badges are also retroactive, so if you have completed a hunt in one of these time frames before you will be credited the badge.

Remember the best way to get all the badges is to play in multiple hunts, so join our free photo hunts each week. Our Weekend Warriors photo hunts are every weekend and completely free for anyone to play. 15 clues go live every Thursday at 3 PM CST and you have until Sunday at 3 PM CST to complete the clues.

Time is ticking…