As a few of you have noticed we’ve had a lot of people complete the entire clue list for this weekend’s free public photo hunt- which is awesome! It does beg the question though: Who is the real winner? Well a few weeks ago ]=we introduced a new tie-breaking method and this weekend we’ve had a good chance to see it in action.


The first tie-breaker is obviously based on points earned. Since we have done away with bonus points, when you complete all the clues in a Weekend Photo Hunt you can get a total of 400 points (500 for this weekend’s longer hunt). So whoever completes the hunt and earns the total amount of points wins. Well in theory anyways. This weekend we have had dozens complete the hunt and earn all the points though so how do we define who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place?


In the case of numerous winners with the same amount of points we enact a time-based tiebreaker. This number is calculated from the first time you submitted a photo to the last time you submitted a photo. Note that is SUBMITTED , not ACCEPTED, so there is no worry about a admin taking longer to approve some photos than others. This is to ensure that those who completed the hunt the fastest aren’t inhibited because our admins work part time at odd times of the day. This also ensures that players in the US who are awake when the clues go live at 3 PM CST do not have more of an advantage than a player in Australia who would be asleep at the start of the hunt.

So finishing the hunt first won’t secure you first place, you much finish the hunt fastest.

You can see submission times as well as points at the online event leaderboard:

Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm this week and past weeks. Trust that we work hard to make the most of out your hunts and try to offer a fair and fun time for all. Now enjoy the rest of the weekend’s hunt because in the end it isn’t about winning it’s about getting out into the real world and having fun! Getting badges is pretty fun too…