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Virtual Events

Encourage energy to achieve Synergy

Bring virtual events and interactive gaming to your company’s next training and development session with Eventzee’s corporate scavenger hunt app. If you’re having difficulty getting people together for in person activities, create a virtual event that’s fun and easy to administer. Increase employee interaction with photo challenges and test skill comprehension with quiz and text entry challenges. Help your employees reach their potential with this energetic social platform. Interactive chat keeps people talking while they’re participating in the event.

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Engaging Experiences

Boost Morale

Become a hit at your next team building function with a virtual, interactive scavenger hunt.


Test employees’ knowledge of your product or service with active learning.

Meet & Greet

Drive positive interactions between employees from different departments.
Nestlé’s Quest – the Ultimate Supply Chain Connection in partnership witht WBEC-West Download

Live. Laugh. Learn.

We’ve all been there. Your employees have fallen asleep at another corporate training seminar. Ensure that your team retains all of that important info by breaking everything up into digestible chunks and engaging their minds with fun activities! Turn the mundane into the insane with Eventzee!

Better Together

Encourage your employees to interact with other departments, and build bonds through fun, team-building challenges. Take the Trust Fall to the next level and help Jane from Accounting meet Paul from Sales.

Employees using Eventzee at the Subaru Drive XP training event

Build From Within

Grow passion for your product or service- starting with your employees. Reinforce company missions and goals through active learning. Expand knowledge and generate excitement from the ground up.

Initiate interaction companywide.
Encourage active discussion.
Build positive workplace experiences.
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